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  1. My grandfather, Jay B. Linehan started with a bowling alley in that building. I remember visiting him when I was 13. Later he changed it to a country western music venue and then Rock-N-Roll. Although Mr. Epstein was the major force in the success of the club, I can’t help feel somewhat nostalgic as I remember back. I lived in Arizona during the years the club was popular. I did come out to Roslyn in the summer of ’75 when I was 19 and enjoyed the benefits of being family. It was one big party and the atmosphere was often ‘electric’ and the crowds were outrageous as were the acts. I remember seeing dr. hook and the medicine show and the atlanta rhythm section, janis ian and so many other great acts. It was a great summer for me. Thanks for establishing this site. Although Mr. Epstein was so instrumental in making this club so successful I will alway remeber it as My (Grand) Father’s Place.

    Paul Williamson

  2. My name was Susan Wexler and I have fond memories of MFP and Ethan. I remember seeing ten NY Dolls. Since I was underage I really couldn’t go in but managed to get in on that one occasion -lucky me. Eppy gave me and girlfriend tickets to see Squeeze somewhere in Long Beach ? Would love to connect with Ethan -it’s been along time since my days in Roslyn

  3. Ethan Hurt says:

    Ethan Hurt says:
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    November 13, 2010 at 11:22 pm
    I was 15 and my name was still Ethan Hurwitz. I was a nice, good Bar Mitzvah boy from Roslyn and Eppy loved me so much that he made a deal with me that I could come in the back door to any show I wanted, and for free, if I promised not to drink under age (age was 18 then)…

    I kept the promise (when inside the club that is) and I saw some amazing acts, many who became superstars, many who already were superstars (like Billy) and many who were there at MFP on their first “World Tour”, like the Police.

    By 16 my band from Roslyn High School won the battle of the bands at MFP…
    We opened that night for David Johansen (Buster Poindexter)… as well as on another night for the new star of Saturday Night Live… Eddie Murphy…

    By 17 I had a hit record with “FAME” (the original Fame), It sold 3 million copies in the UK, and by 18, my name was Ethan Hurt (legally changed years later by a judge in New York) I was on tour and making records for years in the UK, Germany, Holland, etc, etc. etc… and sold several million records in all.

    Eppy, My Father’s Place, the scene, the music, was the life education that inspired me to do so many things in the music and film businesses. And although I was never a household name in the USA, because of my experiences in Roslyn and at MFP I made lots of music, friends and money in the industry…

    I attribute the inspiration of MFP, the musicians and Eppy himself, to being a major influence in the course of my life and career.

    I am sure anyone would agree, that time, that era, was magic-time!