New York Times

The New York Times recognized the importance of My Father’s Place – back then and what the co-authors are up to now.

For a Club Impresario, the Beat Goes On


Steve Rosenfield and Eppie interviewed by Dennis Elsas

WCWP – 88.1 FM

Steve Rosenfield was interviewed by Richard Solomon on WCWP (88.1 FM on Long Island) about the book. The conversation re-lives many of the memories surrounding MFP including the iconic photo of Meatloaf kissing Karla DeVito at the climax of “Paradise by the Dashboard Light” (in the book) and why Tuborg was the most popular beer at MFP.

TCB Radio – My Father’s Place Interview Part 1


Remembering My Father’s Place in Roslyn

Glenn Gamoa’s article captures the magic of club and it’s historical importance on the eve of it’s induction into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame.


My Father’s Place lives online

Mark LaMonica writes ” Closed for more than 20 years, My Father’s Place lives on through memories, Tuesday night’s induction into the Long Island Music Hall of Fame and quite a few fan pages on Facebook.”


Voted Top 10 Most “Liked” Newsday Facebook Pages


Rye Record

A “Fun & Dangerous” Time

Jim Bryne traces Steve Rosenfield’s roots to My Father’s Place and stories from the book signing with Eppy at Westchester’s Rye Free Reading Room.


Long Island News Channel 12 – TV

Carol Silva tells club’s story and Eppy’s resurgence in an evocative overview televised prior to the Long Island Hall of Fame Induction ceremony.


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